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A Coaching is a way to improve thanks to one or several practice sessions, online with me. We can tackle different subjects: driving, car tuning, strategy, mindset, cockpit configuration or different tools (JRT, VRS, Telemetry ...), and many other aspects of our favorite simulation.​


After our session, I can provide you : 

  • A private YouTube video of our full coaching session

  • A setup that we would have worked on together

  • My best lap replay

  • My best lap telemetry data

  • My Blap / Olap data (delta bar)

In order to prepare the coaching sessions, according to the student needs, it is recommended to :

  • Practice before the session to be consistent enough on track.

  • Be well aware of the targetted competition rules, as well as the race conditions.

  • Prepare questions to ask.

Data Packs

There will also be Yan-Coaching Data Packs available, on demand.

A Data Pack allows you to improve your performances in iRacing, without coaching, on a given combination of track and car, on certain conditions.

It is composed of :

  • An explanatory video (15min to 30min) of race lines / braking points / track specificities, in french or english

  • Race, qualification, safe setup and endurance setups

  • Replay of my best lap

  • Telemetry of my best lap

  • Blap / Olap (delta bar)

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