What is a Data Pack?

A Data Pack allows you to improve your performances in iRacing, without coaching, on a given combination of track and car.
It is composed of :

  • An explanatory video (15min to 30min) of race lines / braking points / track specificities

  • Race, qualification, safe setup and endurance setups

  • Replay of my best lap

  • Telemetry of my best lap

  • Blap / Olap (delta bar)


The Data Packs will always be released in the Road category, in french or english according to your choice (here after). They will be proposed here after at the price of 5€ per Data Pack.

By clicking on the Data Pack you want, you'll send me an Email that will allow me to send you the explanatory video on YouTube, the rest of the Data Pack being in the description below, after having paid the corresponding amount on Paypal (don't forget to mention you YouTube Email adress to have access to the video !).


There will be specific Data Packs for Special Events (Daytona 24h...) or private series (Coupe de France...). These Data Packs will appear at the top when time arrives.

Order one or several Data Packs

Your YouTube Email adress will allow me to send you the explanatory video(s), and the Data Pack(s) that you order (in the description below the video).

Chose the Data Pack(s) you want:

Please make a payment to "a friend" (Please indicate as well your YouTube Email adress in the Payment).

Thank you !